Friday, September 9, 2011

Up to date....

Wanted to share some of my work with all you people.. This is some of my work that i did prior to joining the blog world... :) They have been on my facebook account for a long time now..

Oil on Canvas Paper
11" x 16"
This was my first painting in US..  I gave my heart and soul to it.... :)

Love Birds
Oil on Canvas Paper
11" x 16"
The Love birds painting could use a lot of changes.. I guess I just kind of lost the love of it.. and left it is....
Oil on Canvas Paper
11" x 16"

..I entered an Aaron brother's competition with this painting.. under the pets section.. got a lot of votes.. but not enough to win..  I really liked the way it turned out. :) :)

Water Color on Paper
11" x 15"

First attempt with watercolors... :)

More of my previous work to come soon.....

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Dr. Kartesh Singla said...

I think in US your drawing skills has developed a lot.... good keep it up....looking forward for more art.......