Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Magic

Sometimes When I paint I forget what time it is.. and that is what happened today.. started painting at about 11.30.. I am working on a big painting with loads of details and it takes up most of my time.. so I thought while it was resting by which I mean drying... I started another small one.. titled "Black Magic". I improvised and took help of a photograph I found in one of the advertisements that came along with the newspaper in the morning.. I knew I wanted to do something with that photograph the minute I lay my eyes on it..  I cut the photo out so I could incorporate it into one of my paintings.. dint know I will use the photograph today itself.. Going back to my original story... I started at about 11.30 took a break for lunch at about 2 wen I set the big painting down for "resting". But I still had the urge to draw and paint something and not waste my time watching something on the netflix.. So I sat down to draw the initial sketch.. and the process of starting a new painting  is always fun cause you know that you are going to get something new and different from what you had originally planned to.. the thoughts just flow in as you paint.. it's like writing a story or a novel.. You don't really know what will happen until you've reached the end.. so well I've again lost track.. As I was all involved and totally occupied with my painting process.. the phone rang.. it was my husband's and I realized that it was five and I haven't made anything for dinner... so.. we had sandwiches.. best option ever.. especially when u forget to make dinner... and Husband helps you out... :) :)
Oil On canvas
8" x 10"
Black Magic

Looks a little comicky..( is that even a word) anyway, doesn't it???

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