Monday, June 20, 2011

Incredible India..

Trying to capture the real essence of India in my paintings...

The Backwaters or Lagoons in Kerala are a sight..... and a must see...

India Series : Kerala
Oil on Canvas

Goa.. Our Honeymoon destination... It has everything one wants.. peace and calm as well as incredible night life and shopping experience...

India Series:  Goa
Oil on canvas

There are still more to come.... work in progress.... :)


subodh said...

nice pics

Anonymous said...

Hi Mehak,

Varuun sent an e-mail out about your blog. I don't know if you remember, but we met briefly at the electric shop. I like this painting a lot it has a very ethereal quality to it. I'm not sure if you saw my stuff I had on the wall in my office at the shop. If not, I'm on FB if you'd like to see my stuff. Keep up the good work! - take care, Pat Osos By the way have you ever thought of painting in gouache?

Mehak said...

Now that you have mentioned.. may be i'll think about it... :) do u paint in Gouache??.. then i wont mind a lesson... :)